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FLAC to MP3 audio converter


Looking for software to convert FLAC to MP3? Try One-click FLAC to MP3 Converter to turn FLAC files to compact MP3 easier than you might imagine. It's obvious that FLAC files are too big to fit an MP3 player and they cannot be recognized since FLAC is not supported by majority of MP3 players. Yes, FLAC format may save original CD quality, but ask yourself how often do you really need it? It's not really suitable for an MP3 player or mobile phone or for listening on your PC unless you have some hi-end audio system. That's why if you got some FLAC files you may start looking for some FLAC to MP3 audio converter to make FLAC music converted into some 'popular' audio format like MP3.

How to convert FLAC to MP3 easily?

One-click FLAC to MP3 Converter is a software of famous 'one-click' series that provides the easiest way to convert FLAC to MP3, you just need to right-click FLAC audio located on your hard drive, CD or DVD, or on a memory card. Pick "Convert FLAC to MP3" option on the pop-up menu and here you are! Genuine one-click interface allows you to turn FLAC to MP3 quickly without running conversion program. It's a new improved interface that reduces number of clicks and other actions required to make your FLAC files converted.

One-click FLAC to MP3 Converter concentrates on just one task to do it better than other software can do, so if you need to convert FLAC to formats other than MP3 please use our all-in-one two way One-click Audio Converter

Does it reduces FLAC audio quality when converting to MP3?

Some quality reduction always take place for FLAC to MP3 conversion since FLAC is a lossless format and MP3 makes lossy compression. However FLAC and MP3 quality is barely different for everyday use.

How to choose proper quality settings for my FLAC to MP3 conversion?

Use "Low" or "Medium" presets for mobile phone, "Medium" or "High" for MP3 player and for listening on your PC. You may also choose MP3 quality manually(set bitrate) for your FLAC conversions. However we recommend to leave default settings and proceed with conversion in most cases. Our default preset is well-balanced.

Is it possible to convert a whole folder containing FLAC files to MP3?

Yes, just right-click a folder or a group of folders containing lossless FLAC files to convert all .FLAC to MP3. You can also convert a whole CD, DVD or all FLAC files on your hard drive in a click.

Convert batches of FLAC to MP3

One-click FLAC to MP3 supports batch FLAC conversion. This means you can select folders, FLAC files and entire discs containing FLAC files to convert them all to MP3 at once. This batch FLAC to MP3 feature is very useful if you deal with a huge collection of FLAC files spreaded on your PC and on discs.

Automatic shutdown feature

If you convert large collection of FLAC to MP3 you might want the program to shutdown your PC when it's done. 1-click FLAC to MP3 tool provides you useful one-time option to shutdown your computer when FLAC to MP3 processing is done. Just enable it and feel free to go or sleep, FLAC to MP3 converter will done the job and turn off your PC.

What is FLAC?

FLAC is a lossless audio format, which means it saves original CD quality when you create FLAC files directly from an audio CD. Unlike WAV format which is also lossless FLAC adds some compression very similar to ZIP shrinking. It doesn't reduce the quality but makes FLAC files significantly smaller than WAV's. But they are still way bigger than MP3s, which make them bulky for using in MP3 players and other mobile devices. FLAC format is supported by some devices like smartphones and MP3 players, however majority of playback devices and gadgets won't playback FLAC files. Learn more at

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Looking for software to convert other audio formats?

Try our APE to MP3 Converter to turn APE audio into MP3 faster and easier; it works in the same manner as our FLAC to MP3 converter to save time and make conversion even easier.

March 20, 2012

FLAC to MP3 converter 4.3 has been released. This update contains a pack of improvements and bugfixes that make FLAC to MP3 Converter even faster and more stable. >Download FLAC to MP3 Converter 4.3 now

October 19, 2010

Update of FLAC to MP3 converter is now available for download. Version 4.2 features MP3 codec update and some minor improvements making FLAC to MP3 conversion even faster and easier. Note that complete uninstallation of previous version(if any) may be required for correct FLAC to MP3 codec upgrade.